Monday, August 09, 2004

I am looking forward to this semester. I learned a lot from the team role exerscise. I found that I best suited the role of a co-ordinator. I dientified with this role because I like to be organised and know what is going on within the group. I like leading, deligating and coordinating activities so that I feel they will be done - or at least that everyone is on the right track. I did note that a co-ordinators weaknesses can be concerntrating on the task at hand - rather than the people. I hope I will not do this - but, I think that our team will work well and we are all very communicative people - so I hope people will speak up if they are unhappy.

Our group was lucky because we had a large range of roles, we did have two team members - however - this is an advantage as these two girls are happy to work together and 'jump in at any time' to help facilitate the teams goals.

Why the team profiles process? I think this is a good way to get to know / analyse how you work within a team. Although we have all nominated positions in which we think we are best suited to - I think that we will either learn more about these positions as the semester unravels - or - we may even suprise ourselves and find that in fact - we are better suited to a different role. I think the profiles remind us of our duties / strengths and weaknesses - and will help us develop better management and team membership skills.

How will the team overcome its areas of weakness? We are lucky because we have a broad range of strengths within our team. I think we will overcome our weaknesses by identifying them, re-deligating tasks and keeping close communication throughout the project.