Tuesday, May 20, 2003

What have I learned?

I have learned sooo much already! I have learned priciples and techniques that I never knew before. I have learned these properly now and I can implement them where ever I go, not just online. The course seems to be up to date and interactive. i would recommend this course to people who love art and want to pace their learning in increments. it is easy to understand. love it.

Content wise, I have learned plently of fresh information , which is backed up by graphic diagrams...

I don't know what i would recommend yet. I want to wait till I finish the course till I can rate or compare methods and give my recommendations.... I might look at other couses too,

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1.What were my expectations?
At the commencement of this project I sat and explored some e- learning courses. What did I want to learn? What looked exciting? what did I personally want to develop and can I find that course on the net?.. these were the questions going through my head at the begining of the course. I though of doing a typing course and i still would like to do one in my personal time. However, I also wanted to learn some things on designing on the computer. After searching for a course that would combine personal satisfaction and also develop my skills in a particular area... I stumbled across a course in Free ed . net. This was a great data base filled with all kinds of courses, But I still was fixed on the idea that I wanted to really enjoy my course and not get stressed out by tequnichalitites.... So I decided on doing a course on how to draw portraits. Art and design have always been interests of mine and I was very excited about my decision.
The course was also a good lenth, for two reasons it comprised f 11 lessons, all with different information presented in a cronaligical order. It looked exciting, full of content and on brief examination it presented interesting diragrams and exercises. So I was keen and ready to sit down and draw.

2. What are my expectations now?

My expectations now, halfway throught the course are to keep exploring the information presented and learn as much as possible. This particular e- learning course is not particularly interactive, compared to say , a typing course. I have been enjoying it imensely though and do not want the lessons to end. My aim is to improve my skills in drawing, and further gather an understanding of the principles and techniques behind drawing and painting portraits....

3. What did I learn... Content, e-learning?