Friday, April 25, 2003

Things have seemed to slowed down a a bit for me lately when in reference to keeping up with my log. But the the holidays are coming to a holt and it will be all on for young and old soon. I am however, getting to the stage ( just like I do with e-mailing) that I am addicted to checking the discussion boards on uts online and updating my blog every time I have access to a computer.

Over the holidays I have been very busy because I have been away and done a lot of driving!!! I guess that is one disadvantage to e-learning because unless you have a lap top and internet etc, it is pretty difficult to take your studies with you!!! But I suppose that is also a benefit, after all thats what holidays are for.. right?

I am presently working on a massive assignment which involves designing and implimenting a training program. My training program is on occupational Health and safety in the workplace. This means, I have been using internet sources to maintain my information including journals. It also means I have learned Just how much training is out there via e based equipment....

This leads me to the next topic... what is out there at the moment and what are different organisations using and preferring..... better find out now!!