Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I didn't realise how many case studies there were to be found so easily... especially on the site www.elerningpost.com...
To keep up with what is actually going on in the world of e-learning especially in training I think it will take a lot of extra reading in and outside of uni to keep up with them all...

Sunday, April 06, 2003

last class we were shown how tutors can access different pieces of information about us from uts online. Well, I found this extremely interesting especially because I had no idea this kind of inromation technology was so readily available especially at Uts.

To continue the discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning from a few weeks ago I will comment on this what I think about accessing information such as " looking up how many times each student has logged on to the internet". This is indeed an advantage for a teacher to give a general overview of the obedience and learner readiness of the student. It is not however, vital in dictating whether or not this particular student is a good student. I recognise the importance of this kind of knowledge espcially when it come to distance learning, " a teacher needs to know that they are in a supportive communication link with their pupil" A negative side to this is the validation that it has. This means, the measure of how purposeful the visit to uts online was. Did that student just drop bye and not access or utilize the resourses? or did that student really learn in that hour of online time?
This type of measuring is indeed interesting especially when corrolated with 30 other students, but does it measure the motivation or knowledge of the student.... I don't think so!